With the delicious La Espada y El Guamo from Nariño currently on our shelves and in our hoppers and with two more great Colombian coffees about to hit the stores we thought this would be a good time for Al to re-visit his sourcing trip to Colombia last November and tell you a little more about these great coffees and this re-born specialty origin….

Flying in to Bogota for my first ever visit to the South American continent I was immediately hit by the modernity and Europeaness of Colombia’s capital city Bogota. While Central American capitals like Guatemala City and San Salvador have an increasingly American feel, Bogota had a more old world vibe of hustle and bustle for the 24 hours I spent there before linking up with Sam Langdon from our friends Caravan Coffee Roasters. Then it was a short flight the following morning to Armenia, the capital city of Quindío; one of Colombia’s lesser known but very important coffee growing Departments.

We flew into Armenia on the morning flight and after hooking up with Raw Material and Azahar coffee, the importers and exporters respectively that we work with in Colombia we headed straight for their impromptu cupping lab in the beautiful garden of Helena Adentro, a charming bar and restaurant in the market town of Filandia just outside of Armenia. Owned and operated by Colombian/Kiwi husband and wife team Alejandro and Jade, Helena Adentro is something of a hub for the Raw Material team providing food, sustenance and a great cupping space in the heart of Quindío’s coffee region.

Debora Soares