In case you hadn't noticed from the omnipresent darkness and stormy weather, it is indeed January which means that Al (the lucky bugger) is off to Central America on Saturday to go and visit some of our key farms in the region as well as looking out for some new ones. This year as well as checking out the harvest, cupping some early samples and swimming in waterfalls and shooting handguns (if last years trip is anything to go by!) Al will be working alongside Brighton's own FatSand Films on the first stage of a little film project we are really excited about. The talented folks at Fat Sand (who were behind last years Small Moments film shot at Jubilee Street) are making a little movie about what we do here at Small Batch. Starting at Finca Muxbal in the hills of Chiapas, Mexico the film will follow the journey your coffee takes through every step from farm to barista and highlight all the awesome people that go into getting it into your cup.

Creative Serra