We have been developing a project with Brighton's FatSand Films to produce a short film that essentially will be all about what we do here at Small Batch. Starting at origin, we are going to follow the coffee's journey, the hands that touch it and people that shape it along the way to the final cup. This of course meant taking a couple of the crew out to origin with me, so I set off with Sim and Mia from FatSand for Mexico as there was only one farm I wanted to shoot at.  

Finca Muxbal is far and away my favourite farm in the coffee world.  This season's harvest will be the third year we have had the coffee here at Small Batch, it is a complex, light and refreshing cup that has become a stalwart of our Goldstone Espresso and single origin offerings. The farm is outrageously beautiful, situated high above the city of Tapachula in Chiapas and straddled by the Mexico-Guatemala border. More importantly the farm is run in the most professional and socially responsible manner I have seen anywhere at origin. This is down to Jorge Gallardo Rodriguez and his mother Maeggi who run the farm in such a beautiful way. Everything from agronomy, to meal plans, to schooling for the workers children is attended to in great detail. The farm was the first (and to my knowledge, only) farm in Central America to receive a 100% rating from the Rainforest Alliance who asses the environmental and social impacts of coffee farms. In my mind this really is the complete coffee farm; Muxbal has its own wet and dry mills so Jorge can control every process of his coffee until it is ready for export, the social conditions are fantastic and a cut above what we often see, the farm itself is stunning and of course the coffee is delicious!  

Creative Serra