With our release of this year’s harvest from Finca Muxbal it seems an apt time to look back at my trip to this amazing farm in Mexico last January. Small Batch regulars will know we have a very close relationship with this farm and Muxbal has become one of the cornerstones of our coffee offering, becoming a key component of Goldstone Espresso as well as one of our favourite single origin coffees. We have been working with Muxbal for three years now having been introduced by our importers Falcon Speciality in 2012.

I was lucky enough to visit the plantation in January 2013 and when we decided late last year that we wanted to make a film that would document everything we do here at Small Batch, starting at the farm level, I knew that Muxbal was the only choice. The farm is a beacon of coffee growing excellence not simply for the quality of its product but for the dedication of the owners Jorge and Maeggi to their local environment, the conditions and facilities for their workers and local people, the future of their plantation and the quality of their milling and processing. The fact that Muxbal is stunningly beautiful, situated high on a heavily forested plateau, surrounded by rivers and accessible only by the winding access road known as ‘El Caricol’ (the snail) was a bonus for filming as well.

Creative Serra