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Preventing Podo

Working in partnership with Sussex University we are raising money for the excellent charity Preventing Podo. Podoconiosis (or Podo) is a little known but widespread and treatable tropical disease which affects people around the world but most especially in Ethiopia. Brighton and Sussex Medical School is the global hub for podoconiosis research. The Preventing Podo campaign was launched to turn their ground-breaking research into practical action, improving the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people.


Drop4drop are a brilliant global clean water charity committed to providing sustainable clean water solutions to communities in the developing world. They work with local labourers and provide maintenance and hygiene education to ensure maximum longevity with each project and create a sense of community pride and ownership. Through drop4drop, Small Batch have funded the building of two dedicated wells in rural India which provide clean drinking water to over 1000 people at each site.


Professional Barista Apprenticeship

The Professional Barista Apprenticeship is a great way for disadvantaged young people in Brighton to get into the coffee industry. We provide full barista training from our SCA accredited trainer and then placement within Small Batch to hone their skills in the real world. The first year of the apprenticeship has been a great success and we’re really proud of the work of all our apprentices.

The Real Junk Food Project

The Real Junk Food Project is a brilliant local initiative, which Small Batch are really proud to support. Intercepting food waste destined for landfill, they use it to feed people who really need it at their “pay as you feel” café. Homeless people, low-income families, students or anyone struggling financially all benefit and if you can’t afford to pay anything then you can help with the washing up. The aim isn’t just to combat world hunger but to help educate people about reducing waste and living more sustainably.


St John’s School and College

St John’s is a special educational needs and specialist college that provides care, education and medical therapy to young people aged 7 to 25. They work with learners who have a wide range of complex learning disabilities, people with autism and related autistic spectrum conditions and young people who have special needs resulting from behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.