Colombia - La Cristalina

Colombia - La Cristalina


La Cristalina

A great all rounder from Asociacion La Cristalina. Fudge, chocolate malt, red apple and raisin flavours.


Region: Risaralda
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Altitude: 1500-2000m
Processing: Washed
Producer: Asociacion La Cristalina
Harvest: March 2018


Asociacion La Cristalina is a group of smallholder coffee farmers in the Guatica region of Risaralda department: Located in the central belt of Colombia’s coffee growing regions, Risaralda is becoming more of a fixture on the specialty coffee map with every harvest.

The Association is named after the National Park of the same name that is located in Guatica and was formed in 2007 by 55 founding farmer members. There are now 145 associate members that make up La Cristalina and contribute to lots like this one.

This smallholder model is very typical in Colombia where farmers may only have around 5 hectares of land to grow coffee on but who are still responsible for processing and drying their own coffee. This is very labour intensive and requires a high level of skill, work and investment from farmers. To help improve the quality of coffee as well as the return for producers we are supporting operations like La Cristalina that take on some of the processing and drying work from each individual producer. 

By processing or drying many producers coffees centrally, in one controlled mill it is much easier to ensure a consistent and high quality throughout the lot. Producers are also paid earlier in the value chain meaning a quicker return, less risk of the coffee spoiling and less labour required on their end.  

We think this is a great model for ensuring profitability and sustainability for small producers in Colombia, and great, consistent Colombian coffees for us and you!

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