Ecuador - El Meridiano

Ecuador - El Meridiano



Lime, nectarine, black tea and floral flavours from producer Mario Hervas’ farm located just north of the Equator.


Region: Pichincha
Variety: Typica Mejorado
Altitude: 1450m
Processing: Fully Washed
Producer: Mario Hervas
Harvest: Autumn 2018


Lime, nectarine, black tea and floral flavours from producer Mario Hervas’ farm located just north of the Equator

El Meridiano was the first farm we ever visited in Ecuador, indeed we went straight to Mario Hervas’ farm, feeling slightly dazed after getting off the plane in Quito from London. This is possible as one of Ecuador’s main specialty coffee regions is Pichincha where El Meridiano is located, and is situated only an hour’s drive from the capital.

Because of this location and the unique challenges of growing high quality Arabica coffee in Ecuador, Mario is very typical of the modern generation of Ecuadorian Arabica producers in that coffee is not his first, or primary career.

Mario spent many years farming roses and other cut flowers and then went on to open a small chain of Frozen Yoghurt shops in Quito before he decided to purchase El Meridiano and become a coffee producer. The high cost of land and labour in Ecuador’s dollarized economy mean that all the producers we met in Pichincha were Quito based professionals with day jobs in the city ranging from Doctors, to cacao buyers to lawyers.

While this means the farms become somewhat of a weekend occupation for the owners the commitment to quality and passion for specialty coffee is as strong as we have seen anywhere else. El Meridiano is great example of this. Mario only grows the Typica Mejorado variety as he loves the cup quality and he only processes washed coffees as he said he wants to focus on producing the best washed coffees he can before trying different varieties or processes.

The farm takes its name from its location ever so slightly north of the Equator which runs directly through Quito and his home to Andean ‘spectacled’ bears alongside many other animal and bird species.

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