Grand Fromage #23 - Guatemala La Senda - Natural Hydro Honey

Grand Fromage #23 - Guatemala La Senda - Natural Hydro Honey


Guatemala La Senda - Natural Hydro Honey

Experimental, 100% Caturra microlot from Acatenango. Raspberry, red apple and boiled candy flavours


Region: Acatenango
Variety:  Caturra
Altitude: 1700-1850m
Processing: Natural Hydro Honey
Producer: Arnoldo and Maria Eugenia
Harvest: February 2019


The Grand Fromage collection is our specially curated series of the outstanding and interesting coffees we come across on our travels. This twenty third edition is an outstanding experimental process from Finca La Senda in Acatenango, Guatemala. 

This is only our second year working with La Senda but it is already a very special farm to us. Up until 2017 Arnoldo and Maria Eugenia were producing commercial grade coffees that they sold locally for very little profit. After attending an open tasting and forum for farmers who want to produce specialty coffee they decided immediately to invest in their farm and built their own high spec wet mill.

Since then they have been working tirelessly to improve every aspect of their production from farming practices, harvesting and processing to drying- switching from patio drying to shade covered raised beds for example.

This past year they have been focusing on experimental process microlots even more and two very good friends of ours, Thomas a coffee processing expert form Germany and Shaun, a former Small Batch barista were both based at the farm for the duration of the 2019 harvest season, helping out and advising on different processing techniques taken from around the coffee world.

One of the results is this delicious ‘Natural Hydro Honey’ process lot originally developed in Mexico. We featured this process from La Senda last year and are even more impressed with this years version.

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