Goldstone Espresso

Goldstone Espresso



A contemporary espresso blend suited to black and milk drinks. Creamy milk chocolate with orange and dark berry flavours.


Region: Sierra de la Minas, Nyamasheke, Sidamo 
Variety: Mixed
Altitude: Varying
Processing: Fully Washed and Natural
Producer: Rony Asensio, Jean Bosco Kubwimana, Fero Farmers Union
Harvest: 2018


Goldstone Espresso is our flagship blend, served every day in our cafés across Brighton and featuring the producers we have the closest and longest relationships with. 

This latest edition features washed coffees from Guatemala and Rwanda and a natural process coffee from Ethiopia

From eastern Guatemala is one of our all time favourite coffees, Santa Ana La Huerta, owned by Rony Asensio in the high Sierra de las Minas region. We have been buying from Rony for five years now and his coffee gets better every year as he never stops working to improve his farming, processing and drying practices.

From Rwanda, another coffee that has become one of our signature offers from the Butembo washing station in Nyamasheke. We’ve been buying from Jean Bosco Kubwimana and Butembo since he first built the station four years ago and we are proud to say Small Batch has purchased all of the specialty grade coffee Butembo has ever produced. Just like Rony Asensio, Bosco continues to work every year on improving his techniques- when we visited in May he showed us a new anaerobic fermentation they were using which has increased the sweetness and complexity in the upcoming harvest.

Finally, from Ethiopia a natural process lot to round out the blend from Fero Farmers Union in Sidamo. This is a classic natural sidamo that adds body and sweet berry notes to the blend, creating a lovely sweetness when blended with milk. Fero is a co-operative that exports its coffees directly through the Sidama Coffee Farmers Union and outside of the ECX meaning we know exactly where the coffee comes from and have been able to buy from the same co-op for the past three years.

Goldstone is a contemporary espresso blend, roasted relatively lightly to preserve the complexity of these great coffees and with enough balance and depth from the natural process component to pair beautifully with milk. 

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