Kenya - Kagumoini AB

Kenya - Kagumoini AB



A juicy single origin espresso from Nyeri region: caramel, orange and strawberry flavours.


Region: Nyeri
Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru
Altitude: 1500-200m
Processing: Fully Washed
Producer: Smallholder members of Mugaga Co-operative Society
Harvest: December 2018 - Jan 2019


Our first Kenya of the year is a delicious AB grade from the Kagumo-ini Washing station, one of five washing stations that make up the Mugaga Farmers Co-operative Society. The majority of Kenyan coffees are produced by co-operatives like Mugaga who own several washing stations like Kagumo-ini where the smallholder farmer members deliver freshly harvested cherries

Nyeri is one of the most famous Kenyan coffee regions and is home to some of the finest coffees in Kenya. Kenya itself is of course home to some of the finest coffees on the planet and the arrival of our first Kenyan is a cause for celebration every year as is heralds the start of the summer coffee arrival season along with fresh washed coffees from Ethiopia. These are then closely followed by arrivals from across Central America to make up our summer offer each year.

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